Dessert 6 Pack Special – 6x440ml Cans

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This Dessert 6 Pack Special contains:

  • Berry Butcher – XL Berry Sour – 7.3%
  • Berry Mudcake – Berry Milk Stout – 5.8%
  • Berry Sundae – Berry Sour – 4.7%
  • De Lime In De Coconut – Fruited Sour – 5.4%
  • Feijoa Trifle – Dessert Sour – 6.5%
  • Head In the Clouds – Tropical Coconut Hazy IPA – 5.7%

Berry Butcher – XL Berry Sour – 440mL Can*
This monster berry beer is chock-full of hand picked sweet’n juicy blackberries and boysenberries from our local Julian’s Berry Farm. We’ve butchered these divine morsels to extract every bit of goodness we could. Warning: you might be left with rosy cheeks and skipping in the summer breeze after a glass or two of this irresistible jammy, full o’ fruit sour. Wicked! Contains Lactose.

Berry Mud Cake – Berry Milk Stout – 440mL Can*
We’ve hand pressed massive amounts of locally grown berries, then infused the delicious flavourful juice into our creamy chocolate base. Pours an impressive shade of muddy chocolate, with hues of rich berry and a light pinkish chocolatey head.

Berry Sundae – Berry Sour – 440mL Can*
Berry Sundae sour is laden with buckets of delicious locally grown hand-picked mixed berries. We’ve added milk sugar for an ice cream and tart berry coulis sensation. Pours a gorgeous purple/red with a pink head. I may taste delicious but drink too many of me and you may turn berry red.

De Lime In De Coconut – Fruited Sour – 440mL Can*
Row row de coconut gently down de stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily lime is just de dream. Chill out and sip on this vibrant, zesty lime and coconut sour.

Feijoa Trifle – Dessert Sour – 440mL Can*
Feijoa & Banana Trifle?! What were we thinking! We’ve infused this delectable dessert style sour beer with freshly picked and hand pressed feijoas, pureed cavendish bananas, vanilla and milk sugar. A distinctive tart feijoa hit upfront, backed with soft banana and a creamy custard finish. Contains Lactose.

Head in the Clouds – Tropical Coconut Hazy IPA – 440mL Can
If you like pina coladas, get your head in the clouds and dream of long summer days. This yummy hazy IPA is oozing with tropical pineapple hops and infused with toasted coconut.

* Contains Lactose.